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For over 20 years Rene Gagnon Fine Art has been exhibiting, and placing his urban contemporary art into corporate and private collections. Rene Gagnon is 'one' of the world's most influential urban artists whose work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and on the streets.

Rene is a multi-dimensional artist working in various styles, but what unifies all of them is the use of spray paint and his signature art making process. By having this eclectic selection Rene Gagnon Fine Art is able to accommodate any corporate office lobby, art gallery, or personal residence with only the finest quality urban art.

We can also facilitate solo gallery exhibitions and mural commissions with Rene Gagnon. Please browse our his past work and contact us with any questions.

Why Use Rene Gagnon Fine Art

  • Diverse Selection of Art
  • Quantity Based Pricing
  • Art Consulting Service
  • Prompt Reliable Communication
  • Interior & Exterior Mural Services
  • Commissions for Private Collectors

50th Anniversary Campbell's Soup - Graffiti Soup

Edition of 20 - $850 Each

2 Available (19/20 - 20/20)

Originally released in 2013, each 16" wide X 20" high gallery wrapped canvas uses the original soup can labels cut from the actual Warhol Campbell's Soup cans released in 2013. Rene has then added his iconic Graffiti Soup Stencil to complete the piece. All canvases are signed, dated 2013, and numbered on the right edge of the canvas and are sealed in archival non-yellowing gloss varnish.

Mural Concepts by Rene Gagnon

  • Outdoor Mural Concept - 2009
  • Outdoor Mural Concept - 2012
  • Outdoor Mural Concept - 2015
  • Outdoor Mural Concept - 2011
  • Outdoor Mural Concept - 2010
  • Outdoor Mural Concept - 2015


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Inquiries pertaining to exhibitions, private commissions, and charitable donations please use the email below.

Email: info@renegagnonfineart.com

Inquiries pertaining to artwork provenance, pricing and availability please use the email below.

Email: archivist@renegagnonfineart.com